100 g of Made in Italy, 5 cups of creativity, 3 tablespoons of style and 1 liter of quality.

Not Pasta is an innovative web platform designed to add value to small and medium-sized business made by artisan and designer which work giving strong importance to quality, but don’t advantage of web’ visibility.


Little boutiques are disappearing replaced by large chains of “disposable” products where the keyword is: ‘quantity’.
Our goal is to restore value to the Made in Italy word thanks to people and small producers who work with passion to create unique and high quality products.


We make digital what is not. Not Pasta reproduces the charm of the botiques where the craftsman tells his work with passion to those who cross the doorstep.
Technology becomes the way we use to put together and promote the best Italian producers by helping them to intercept and to reach consumers, telling them their story, uniqueness and products.


Our target is the small shop opened 50 years ago or a young talented designer who has decided to challenge himself on his ideas and follow the path of the handicraft and quality.


The advantage of being on Not Pasta is not just the visibility on the web and the opportunity of promoting the brand, but also the chance to have immediately a very powerful e-commerce, without concerning about a proper marketing structure to take care of. During such political and financial time, where wealth changes and moves quickly, internet is the vehicle to be visible everywhere.
For this reasons is essential to use it to break down any geographical barriers.

Because we believe that what makes a product more exciting and interesting is the story of who creates it.

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