Two personalities, two characters, two styles but one soul: the desire to believe in a common project.
The story of our protagonists starts from far away, by a strong and consolidated relationship of love and esteem. Ilenia and Francesca are two girls who have come to Bologna in the distant days and choose this city to realize a dream: create a fashion atelier under the arcades of the city.


A unique place to show craftsmanship

Their trademark “Gruccialterna” takes shape in a lab where the most curious people can see Ilenia work on the sewing machine or draw new fashion creations. A strong and knowledgeable way to show and demonstrate the authenticity, the production processes and the dedication that these girls carry out a in a small business in Made in Italy.

While Ilenia is the creative part, ‘hands and scissors’ of the project, realizing and designing all the clothes sold in the lab, Francesca deals with everything else from communication, photography, organization, and research.

Make the difference

Their strong point? The fabric!

Gruccialterna models are simple and contemporary but what distinguishes them is the material with which they are made. When she has to make a new item, Ilenia takes inspiration from the fabric, once it’s choosen everything in her mind becomes clear and with needle and thread she starts to create new and unique clothes.

The Open Door Laboratory is born in 2015 as an alternative to the style of everyday, presenting original pieces that blended together allow you to never go unnoticed, thanks to a unique and personal outfit.

Femininity and estrogen

Transparencies, necklines and overlapping different fabrics: these are the secret of Gruccialterna, a brand born from the influences that Ilenia and Francesca collect every day, from travels, from the streets, and from the constant search of styles and patterns.

A new idea of ​​tailoring that speaks of craftsmanship with innovative and contemporary spirit, in a space where the  of ancient shops traditions are blended with new craftsmanships breathes.