Different Joy

This story begins with the sound of waves, the wind and the hot sun of the southern Italy. Every day, just in this background, Alessio sits on his stool and begins to work, or rather, to create.
When someone use hands and creativity we no longer speak of “work” but of real art.
The art of Alessio is ancient and precious, precious as his jewels.


Art is study and dedication

The tradition is preserved thanks to people like Alessio who have cultivated over the years a passion and studied in order to learn the best rules and secrets. He specialized in the various techniques of jewelry, especially in tradition and manual work in Vicenza, capital of European jewelery, met and collaborated in several laboratories as a model maker and designer, but above all as a goldsmith.

Imperfection is beauty

While showing us the realization processes of one of his creations, Alessio tells us that its models are unique because they are completely handmade and therefore never perfect. From this “mantra” in 2015 he founded the brand ‘Different Joy’: a challenge between the industrial market and craftsmanship that Alessio managed to win hands down thanks to his commitment and dedication.

Uniqueness of the forms

The tradition is important, but it is also important to understand the trend of the moment, for this reason Alessio has created the “Less is more” range with versatile and clean geometric shapes. The heart of this project is contained inside the idea of ​​simplicity and imperfection that is just what makes each of us unique.

Made with love to be loved

Because who can transform an idea, a drawing or a thought into something concrete and real it can be described as a magician. The magic of ‘Different Joy’ jewelry is this, to be modeled and built with the hands of a real person and not in an impersonal company. And the power of a craftsman is to transfer passion and heart inside the objects that born and take shape as if they were like kids.

The perfect mix

Creations that arise first of all from the comparison and exchange of ideas, travel, art exhibitions, street art, architecture, goldsmith design. Sources of inspiration, which have as a target the constant search for innovative and avant-garde forms and ideas.