IF Bags

IF. Isabella and Francesca’s ballad starts from their initials. Two notes resonating together which form handicraft products. The A to their line of rucksacks IF BAGS has been given by the music of a Bolognese – with a Neapolitan heart – singer-songwriter: Lucio Dalla. The song is “disperato erotico stomp” and the high note comes from the verse “è un’impresa eccezionale essere normale” (it’s hard to be easy). Shoulder your rucksack and turn up the volume, we leave!


Strings and chords of simplicity

Check, Check. Isabella, Francesca and Claudia made a lot of sound checks to get to the simplicity of their rucksack. Bukowski wrote: “What about simplicity? It seems we are on a stage, so we feel obliged to show off.” Well, they can certainly stay on the stage of the design! Actually, IF BAGS is a show you must see and wear.

From Campania to IED in Milan a meeting at school knots their destinies in an entrepreneurial design project, starting from a song and getting to the shoulders of those who want to take with them the exceptional beauty of the simplicity.

The craft is a minstrel with is refrain

“It’s hard to be easy”, this is the leitmotif in their creations: in harmony with every rucksack, but also with pockets and pochettes. It is fully expressed by several changing colours which light up their idea.

The rhythm of their symphony is scanned by the foot, that foot beating on their sewing machines which gives voice to the Made in Italy: made by passion and creativity which is the equivalent of Freddy Mercury’s vocal range. The sound envelops you and leaves you breathless.

A patented high note

While you’re thinking you have already sung the most wonderful verses, there it arrives that high note you didn’t expect. It takes you and let you belong with it. So you close your eyes and realize you are feeling something different. IF BAGS has its detachment from the reality, it is closed in the milled wood that links its different personalized stripes. Here you realize why it is different from the others: as the stripes of the other rucksacks are used to passing from the inside of the material, its stripes take another way passing from the outside. A spontaneously discovered method which has become a patent, as a rhythm you have in your mind that only needs a suitable stave.

The bow

How many times did they tell you with the ifs you go nowhere? With IF not only you go where you want, but also you do it absolutely safe. Its closing can be opened only with two hands, pushing away every fear and pulling closer those who mix business with pleasure. It’s an ending that deserves a standing ovation and if “è un’impresa eccezionale essere normale”, then Isabella, Francesca and Claudia made it, rediscovering simplicity. That same simplicity that distinguishes you in that big show which is day-to-day life.