Gamberini Bag

Changeable and traditional at the same time. Ethical and irreverent. Contrast makes life interesting and “tasty”, but we are not talking about women attitude, we are talking about an item which can definitely represent women: a bag. It is in there that everyday we put our thoughts, duties and ambitions. Inside that thing which swings on our shoulder, we keep safe and reveal at the same time our identity.


Gamberini is not just a brand, but also a name

We like to imagine her like a painter signature on his painting after hard work, study, passion and devotion.

A new and fresh brand which wants to stay traditional, using a surname typical of the city where it is created, resuming the values of quality and the cult of the object which have got lost due to the mass market.

Gamberini bags come out form the desire of leaving a tangible mark. The  creators, after years of work into the organisation of events dedicated to the Italian art, design and culture, felt the need to create an item made to last in time and to express the Made in Italy culture in its whole complexity and precision.

Keep it traditional

Two years of studying in the craft stores of the best artisans have been the amount of time spent on designing two models of bags, on searching the materials, on working on the finishing touch. A product created in time and which challenges time, because it wants to resist and get old together with the person who wears it.

Bring the new

An item that changes everyday thank to an interchangeable applique system. Each bag has a frame and three different images to apply to the bag, to “transform” it and make it brand new very easily and whenever we are. What is really cool and original is that the applique can be our favourite painting, a glittering texture for a special event, or a vintage reclame representing one of the Riviera Romagnola seaside establishments.

The Ethic

A unique way not to have too many bags which won’t last that much, but just one dynamic bag which can be transformed and become new according to the different occasions during the whole day. A creation which can last for a lifetime helping us to avoid wastefulness, which is stunning in every single detail, made in limited edition by well experienced artisans who guarantee the quality of each bag as a promise kept.

The Culture

Bags have always been a status symbol, but wearing a Gamberini Bag means to become a vehicle of Italian culture, of art, but mostly it is a great opportunity to express ourselves. To do it, it’s possible to create countless combinations with our own hands, an experience that only the craftwork and the intellectual work are able to give us, and which represent an extra value for all the items which are created in such a way, making them very precious.

Gamberini Bags are like paintings, you can recognise them at first sight, but it takes the necessary time to tell the story about each of them and to find out the secrets hidden behind their timeless charm.

“Tell me what bag you’re wearing and I’ll tell you who you are”.  Gamberini